Custom gene synthesis

Custom gene synthesis

Synthetic genes are produced based on in-silico information gathered from databases or sequence manipulation software. Synthetic genes are produced without the need of a physical template. Synthetic genes enable scientists to perform experiments that are not possible with naturally occurring DNA sequences.

Synthetic genes may be engineered to enable higher expression levels and easier cloning. Conventional cloning methods only permit sequences that are available on the template itself such as cis-acting elements, restriction sites and codon usage; however, there is no such restriction with synthetic genes.

Finding sequences from databases or designing your own sequence are simpler tasks than finding the original DNA. Generating cDNA libraries and making genomic DNA preps for PCR are more laborious and time consuming. Moreover, if you are seeking a variant of your gene of interest, you can obtain it in a short amount of time with synthetic genes. Custom gene synthesis from Sentegen removes the need of a physical source for cloning and gives you exactly what you need. With custom gene synthesis you can have your constructs the way you want, such as genes with custom DNA sequences for your research needs.

Sentegen custom gene synthesis can produce gene fragments up to 750bp in single blocks. Sequence verification is done upon request. Larger constructs are made by combining individual 750bp sequences. The produced gene is then cloned into our standard vectors or the vector of your interest. Delivery is done upon sequence confirmation. Codon optimization is also free of charge. We are at your service with our fast and quality service. To order your genes, please call us or email us.

Standard Gene Synthesis Price (€) Average return time 1 Confirmation by Sanger Sequence Amount Cloning Vector Expression Vector3
Up to 500 bp 189 €/gen 10 days Available 4µg Standard Optional
501-1000 bp 0,39 €/bp 12 days Var 4µg Standard Optional
1000-2500 bp 0,39 €/bp 15-21 days Available 4µg Standard Optional
Longer than 2500 bp 0,49 €/bp Contact us2 Available 4µg Standard Optional
  • 1These are average return times. Sequences that do not meet the required conditions will have longer average return times. Return times do not include holidays or weekends.
  • 2For sequences that exceed 2500 bp, please contact us.
  • 3Contact us with your requests for expression vector cloning.
The above information is applicable under the following conditions
  • GC percentage is between 40% and 55%
  • Homopolymer sequences do not exceed 15 bases
  • Repeat sequences do not exceed 12 base pairs
  • Critical secondary structures are not present