Gene Blocks

Gene Blocks

At Sentegen we also produce gene blocks for your research needs. Gene blocks are produced similar to custom gene synthesis; however, there is no sequence confirmation made after production. Blocks are delivered to you as ready to clone PCR products.

By using our Gene block product you may screen for your gene variant of interest however you want. For example, you may be interested in increasing your protein expression or activity but you are unsure of which mutations are required in your DNA sequence to achieve this. With Sentegen gene blocks, there is no need for such prior knowledge and you may search for a candidate among the variants and reach your desired results much faster.

The length of the block or the GC content can be variable. However, we recommend gene block synthesis for blocks smaller than 1000bp.

Codon optimization is free for both gene block and gene synthesis services. Just tell us what host organism you would like to use for expression.

Orders for gene blocks are completed within 2 to 3 weeks on average. This duration may increase based on the complexity (GC content, repeat sequences, homopolymeric regions, length etc.) of the ordered sequence. Before ordering your genes or blocks, inform us about your sequence and we will give you an estimated delivery time for your order.

SenteBlok™ Fragment Synthesis Price (€) Average Return Time1 Sequence Confirmation Amount
S (100 - 250 bp) 99 € 10 days Optional 1µg
M (251 - 500 bp) 149 € 10 days Optional 1µg
L (501 - 1000 bp) 249 € 15 days Optional 1µg
Sanger Sequence Confirmation 14 €      
NGS Sequence Confirmation 20 €      
  • 1These are average return times. Sequences that do not meet the required conditions will have longer average return times. Return times do not include holidays or weekends.
The above information is applicable under the following conditions
  • GC percentage is between 40% and 55%
  • Homopolymer sequences do not exceed 15 bases
  • Repeat sequences do not exceed 12 base pairs
  • Critical secondary structures are not present

  • Gene blocks are used in many applications such as RT-PCR internal controls, variant libraries and Crispr-Cas9 genome editing.
  • By combining more than one gene block using synthetic biology methods, large gene structures can be generated.
  • Gene blocks can be used easily and confidently to create any 2 kb products.
  • Furthermore, our gene blocks are compatible with many published cloning methods including Hi-Fi assembly, blunt-end and cohesive-end cloning protocols. The synthesized gene blocks are purified by agarose gel electrophoresis, are double-stranded and are unphosphorylated.
  • To bring synthetic biology to all labs.