Completed Projects

Completed projects


R&D Innovation Support - KOSGEB

Development of High Throughput Next Generation DNA and Gene Synthesis Methods

The goal of this project is the development of next generation DNA and gene synthesis methods. This is normally achieved by the classical method of DNA synthesis composed of chemical cycles. In this method, during every cycle the yield decreases and thus primers must be designed such that they do not exceed a certain length. Because of this, gene synthesis must be carried out using primers of a specific length.

The method that we want to develop is based on an enzymatic rather than chemical reaction. In this manner, production yield will be higher. Furthermore, the machines used for DNA synthesis based on the classical method are very large and take up a great deal of laboratory space. With this new method, DNA synthesis can be carried out in a much smaller space and volume. In addition, the amount of chemicals that will be used in this method will be much less and therefore the price of synthesis will be much lower.

Collaboration-Coalition Support - KOSGEB (Sentebiolab)

Establishment of a Shared Biotechnology Laboratory for Biopharmaceutical Recombinant Drug Production.