Cloning Services

Cloning Services

Through our cloning services, we are able to clone any DNA sequence into any vector the user may demand. We are able to perform TA cloning, sticky-end cloning, and blunt-end cloning.

The customer can provide us the DNA to be cloned or we can obtain the DNA source commercially. Likewise, the vector can either be provided by the customer or can be obtained commercially.

LITMUS 28i Vector Cloning vector
pBR322 Cloning vector
pCLIPf Cloning vector
pUC18 Cloning vector
pUC57 Cloning vector
pET22 Expression vector
pQE30 Expression vector

Codon Optimization

We know that codon optimization plays an important part in increasing protein expression. Therefore, we developed an application called “codon optimization” to ensure identification of the optimal codons and thereby highest yield of protein expression.

Thanks to our software, you not only increase your protein yield, but also save time and money. Furthermore, in a short time you can acquire significant results. Taking into consideration that different gene sequences express the same protein at different levels, by changing the codon sequence, we strengthen the likelihood of expression of your gene. We aim to offer you the best service with our codon optimization servie. We are very confident in this topic with our experienced team. Whatever amount you require, you can contact us for your recombinant protein needs.

Vector Design and Construction

We are currently developing our own vectors. In this context, our vectors will be suitable for prokaryotic or eukaryotic organisms, optimized for different species, have an adjustable copy number, and be suitable for cloning, protein or RNA production.

Our other aims related to vector design and construction are the following:
  • Inducible and constitutive overexpression and knockdown (shRNA) vector designs and construction for a wide range of genes in mammalian expression systems
  • CRISPR/Cas9 system designs for knocking out the genes of interest and genome editing
  • Expression and cloning vector design and construction for prokaryotic systems
  • Stable expression strategies for gene expression and knockdown (shRNA) using lentiviral and retroviral systems

Expression vector cloning